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Guild Message of the Day - September 13th
Read up on Ragnaros and watch videos if you can. Lets try and kill him pre nerf!

Exiled Again News

By: Pelendralaar - October 18th

The Fire Lord is Dead.... Again....

Ragnaros died post nerf, we were close to a per nerf kill though. This Screen Shot is long over due.

We've been trying to work on the hard modes now. We're 1/7 on that and close on Major Domo.

We're looking for a DK, Hunter, Mage, Shaman to build our ranks back up before the next patch and new content

By: Pelendralaar - August 22nd

And then there was one...

I'll let the pictures speak for itself.



By: Pelendralaar - August 21st

Domo and Rag here we come!

Alysrazor is dead only Domo and Rag left. Here we go!


By: Pelendralaar - August 16th


Next we have to shoot down the stupid bird

By: Pelendralaar - August 1st



Took us a while to figure out how to steer him but that last 25% is a real joke. 3/7 Alys and Bale are on the chopping block now!

By: Pelendralaar - July 28th

2/7 FL

Beth is down. Ryolith and Alysrazor are next!


By: Pelendralaar - March 4th

Nefarian Down

We had a very tough time keeping p1 skeletons under control. Once we found something that worked for us down he went. Too bad the loot was sub par, now our boomkin's off spec gear is better than his main spec gear. Also a big thanks to Polygrawnn. Without your help we wouldn't have raided that day and killed him. I heard Trahern say that he wanted to carry your babies.

By: Dogys - January 24th

Chogall Down

We wiped on this fight for way longer than we should have.  Finally got it down after 2+ nights of attempts.  Then killed Chimeron in 8 total pulls... Guess were good at tank and spank fights.

June 25th

Welcome to <Exiled Again>


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